iOS Forensics Part 1

iOS Forensics Part 2 - Reverse Engineering

iOS Forensics Part 3 - Intercepting Network Traffic

Android Forensics and Reverse Engineering

ASN.1 and DER

Application Security in C

Hashing Algorithms in Core Foundation

AES Encryption using Common Crypto

Customizing TLS Server Trust Evaluation

Secure Wipe Memory

Keychain Services in C

HTTPS CFNetwork GET Request

HTTPS CFNetwork POST and Callback Functions

Low Level Socket Programming in POSIX and Core Foundation

Objective-C Security

Buffer Overflows and Format String Attacks

Application Integrity - Jailbreak and Debugger Detection

Overlooked Areas of Data Privacy - Keyboard and Screenshot Caches

NSSecureCoding Findings

Input Validation

Objective-C Runtime Security and Obfuscation

XCode Security Project Settings

Auditing and Logging

Keychain Entropy on iOS 9


AES Encryption in OpenSSL

SHA Hashing in OpenSSL



Boost.Asio TLS experiments

Secure Coding with Concurrency in C++ - Threads

Secure Coding with Concurrency in C++ - Mutual Exclusion

Secure Coding with Concurrency in C++ - Condition Variables

Secure Coding with Concurrency in C++ - Atomic